Biogas, Biomass & Bio Fuels

Technologies that recover and generate thermal energy as well as electric power from biomass and other organic matter have evolved over time to utilize a wide spectrum of fuel streams.

Biogas – Anaerobic Digestion

The technology is versatile and utilized in a vast array of applications, from a farm scale to large community facilities.   See details on our Fremont Community Digester Project.

  • Complete Mix Anaerobic Digestion
  • By-product processing
  • Biogas clean-up
  • Waste water processing


Combustion of biomass and other solid materials to produce energy has been in use for centuries and technologies have evolved to process the various types of materials and to conform to environmental regulations. We are well versed in this sector and have extensive experiencing in evaluating as well as implementing these technologies.  See details on our South Boston Energy Project.

  • Wood and wood waste
  • Construction & Demolition Wastes
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Tire-derived Fuels

Bio-Fuels – Production/Utilization

Our engineers can help determine the best technologies to produce BioFuels based on feedstock streams. An area of interest to us is in the utilization of Biofuels to generate thermal energy as well as electric power.

  • Ethanol Production/Utilization
  • Bio-diesel Production/Utilization
  • Integrated Facilities (BioFuels with Biogas & Energy Generation)