International Consulting

5 MW Biomass Combined Heat and Power Project

Ministry of Mining and Energy, Republic of Serbia
Sponsored by the United States Trade and Development Agency
Defined and established the feasibility of Serbia’s first biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) project, utilizing locally available biomass products to generate approximately 5MW of electrical energy and 15MW of thermal energy to support a district heating system.

Energy Sector Diagnostic Review

The World Bank Group
Government of the Republic of The Gambia
Conducted a diagnostic review which included analysis of the energy industry structure, regulatory policy and framework, financial performance of the local utility and generation, transmission, and distribution system infrastructure. This analysis was then applied to generate short, medium and long term recommendations for The Gambia to improve performance of the country’s energy sector.

Balancing Biofuels and Food Security

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Republic of Uganda
Sponsored by the United States Trade and Development Agency
Defined a biofuels strategy for the Republic of Uganda that included the development of market projections for biofuel demand, strategy development for crop selection and industry structure, regulatory policy development, economic analysis, and financial projections and pro forma generation for proposed biofuels facilities.

Concentrating Solar Power Procurement Practices Analysis

The World Bank Group
Analyzed procurement practices for renewable energy in Algeria, Egypt, India, Morocco, South Africa, Spain and the United States. Analysis included investigation of bidding structures, contracting/pricing methods, renewable energy incentive structures, bid selection criteria, and power purchase agreement (PPA) structuring. Procurement practice and PPA structuring recommendations for removing the barriers to CSP implementation in Algeria, India and South Africa were provided to the World Bank Group.