Energy Consulting

NOVI provides a broad range of Energy Consulting services including the following:

Energy Management Strategies

NOVI Energy has identified numerous energy saving initiatives on behalf of our clients. We have designed our efforts to focus on policy, strategy and practices. Some of the areas we focus on and where we can assist our clients in becoming more strategic and competitive in the energy arena include the following:

  • Organization & Management
  • Metering & Information Systems
  • Assessing Performance
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation Plans
  • Process Energy Efficiency
  • Risk Management & Energy Procurement Practices
  • Sustainability & Renewables
  • Utility Reliability & Availability

Energy Technology Assessments for Emerging Technologies

Our team has researched and identified technologies for our customers that include mature energy technologies that are readily available today as well as emerging energy technologies. We will conduct detailed assessments of energy technologies focusing on utilization optimization and marketplace conditions, which results in a competitive position for our customers. NOVI can perform in-depth technology validation studies for both established and emerging technologies through implementation and monitoring. The NOVI team stays informed and connected with application development efforts for emerging energy technologies, even at a pre-commercial deployment. It is the experience of this valuable exercise that allows us to bring working solutions to our clients.

Energy Supply, Consumption, & Billing Data Consolidation, Validation and Analysis

NOVI Energy offers proprietary services whose main goal is to lower a customer’s energy costs. We have developed proprietary software tools that provide the framework to ascertain whether our customers are paying the right amount for electricity. Utilizing this proprietary software, we can calculate and identify utility billing errors and advice the customer on corrective actions.